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A feature film & documentary production house founded by Diego Lerman and Nicolás Avruj, Campo Cine is committed to personal, risky and innovative projects, for both local and international markets.

Keeping this commitment as a goal, Campo Cine has produced films that have won awards in the most prestigious festivals and were screened all around the world.

Our first works included multi-awarded feature film Tan de Repente (Suddenly), directed by Diego Lerman, which received –among other 24 international prizes– the Silver Leopard at Locarno, the Coral de Oro at La Habana and the Audience and Jury’s Special Prizes at BAFICI; and documentary film Oscar, directed by Sergio Morkin, which won awards at Guadalajara and Vermont.

Afterwards, Campo Cine co-produced Mientras Tanto, Diego Lerman’s second feature together with BDcine and Pyramide, premiered at Venice Film Festival.

We provided Production Services to Europe and Latin and North America. Jonathan Nositter’s Mondovino, Sandro Delli’s Molo Nord (Italy), and Donde Está Kim Basinger, by Edouard Deluc, among others.

In 2010 we produced La Mirada Invisible, directed by Diego Lerman, premiered at Quinzaine des Realisateurs, Cannes, winner of SUNDANCE/NHK award. The films was coproduced with AGAT FILMS (France) and Imval and Mediagrama, (Spain) with the support of Canal+ France.

Our bet is placed on cooperation between different countries and peoples, so we began producing films from new directors, short and full-length films, as well as music videos & documentaries.

In 2011 we coproduced the feature film Porfirio, directed by Alejandro Landes (Cocalero), which opened in Cannes and Soi Cumbio, a theatrical-released-documentary in official competition in more than 10 festivals worldwide.

In 2011 Fernando Zuber has joined the company, opening a new branch for campo cine dedicated to the production of TV. We moved to an old and beautiful house in Chacarita where we enjoyed producing documentaries series for TV. Some of them are “Fotos, retrato de un país”, which played in canal Encuentro and Canal 7. It was the first production of the new branch of campo cine. Since then we produced more than twenty documentaries for tv (La Ley, directed by Nicolas Avruj - Propaganda, directed by Alejandro Hartmann - Entrevistas, directed by Lerman, among others).

In 2012 we co-produced Voyage, Voyage, feature film directed by Edouard Deluc, co-produced by Bizibi (France) and Versus (Belgium).

To us, Production is like a “handcraft” process. For this reason, we only embark on projects we believe in. We follow each process since seeds are sown and until they bear fruit, always ensuring quality and care.

In 2013 we produced Refugiado, the new feature film by Diego Lerman, with the support of the World Cinema Fund from the Berlin Film festival, coproduced with 27films (Germany) and Staron Films (Poland); which was premiered at Quinzaine des Realisateurs, Cannes 2014.

In 2014 we produced, Mi Amiga del Parque, the new film by awarded director Ana Katz, coproduced by Mutante Cine (Uruguay), wich was premiered in August 2015. We also coproduced Los Hongos, directed by oscar Ruiz Navia (winner of the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival) wich will be premiere in 2015.

In 2015 we premiered “Nosotros, Ellos y Yo” a documentary directed by Nicolás Avruj.

We’re also developing Sueño Florianópolis, a film directed by Ana Katz, coproduced by Pródigo Films (Brazil), winner of INCAA – ANCINE award; Ciego by Fernando Zuber; Una especie de familia by Diego Lerman, together with Bossa Nova (Brazil) and Bellota (France); Hogar, by Maura Delpero (coproduction with Italy) and new TV programmes.



  • La guerra de los gimnasios
  • Mientras tanto
  • La mirada invisible
  • Soi Cumbio
  • Voyage Voyage (Mariage a Mendoza)
  • Nosilatiaj, la belleza
  • Porfirio
  • Refugiado
  • Mi amiga del parque
  • Los Hongos
  • Ney: nosotros, ellos y yo
  • Una especie de familia
  • Las Olas
  • Sueño Florianópolis
  • Monos
  • Ciegos
  • Planta Permanente
  • Hogar
  • Akelarre


  • La casa
  • Por quién pelean los gallos
  • La temporada de las mariposas
  • Fotos, retrato de un país
  • Clementina
  • La ley
  • Propaganda
  • Industria nacional
  • Ley pareja
  • Entrevistas a grandes de la cultura
  • 3D

Short films

  • Donde está Kim Bassinger?
  • Feliz navidad
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08/03/2021 CIEGOS at Chicago Latino FF CIEGOS at Chicago Latino FF

CIEGOS, by Fernando Zuber, will be screened at the Chicago Latino Film Festival.

It will be available online from 9 to 18 April. 

08/03/2021 AKELARRE won 5 Goya awards AKELARRE won 5 Goya awards

AKELARRE, the new film by Pablo Aguero, won 5 Goya awards:

  • Best Costume Design | Nerea Torrijos
  • Best Special Effects | Mariano García Marty, Ana Rubio
  • Best Make-up and Hairstyling | Beatushka Wojtowicz, Ricardo Molina
  • Best original music | Aránzazu Calleja, Maite Arroitajauregi
  • Best Art Direction | Mikel Serrano

Production services_

From the start, CAMPO CINE has strived to uphold our commitment to both the productions we manage and the production services we are involved with. Our goal is to serve the production companies who choose us, with the best shooting experience possible in Argentina and to add up and enrich their projects. Taking as reference our trajectory as producers of our own films, we believe the production design must take into account the singularities of each different project and the people behind it, which are its living force. Our motto is: “Production design must be tailored to the style and characteristics of the film”.

Campo Cine offers production services for fiction or documentary movies and telefilms in one of the countries with the biggest diversity of natural and urban locations across its 5000 kilometers running from north to south.


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